Monday, June 22, 2009


Unity ... this is something that I have been praying for our church for a while now. I never imagined it would come this Sunday with one unanimous vote! In fact I never imagined, even in the month preceding this vote that it would be unanimous. Some of you may be asking... what vote? A life changing, kingdom changing vote took place this Sunday. A vote to dissolve the church that we have known and loved for 5 years and unite together with LifePoint Church and share in their vision to further the Kingdom of God.

Ironically this Sunday Stonebrook church will be celebrating our 20 year anniversary! It will be a gathering of everyone new and old that have called Stonebrook home. The following Sunday we will be joining our new congregation at the Main LifePoint campus as our new campus LifePoint ___ (name to be determined) we be undergoing some improvements.

I sobbed as the vote was announced this Sunday and have been wrought with emotions lately! My tears were just a release, a mix of emotions ... happiness, sadness that just flowed out. I praise God for making it clear to me and to everyone that this was His plan that we were to follow. It was certainly in His timing... that is clear to me too!

We so love Stonebrook Church! So many people there that we love. We had our first child while members of Stonebrook... it is a church that Kyndal simply knows as "My Church". It is the only church she has known! We anticipate returning to the new campus with lots of improvements, that is unless God has other plans for us and we stay at the Main campus.

My faith and understanding has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. For those of you who don't know Stonebrook or Lifepoint for that matter but feel the need to discuss; this merger is not about worldly things I assure you, it is about the Kingdom and what we can do for God! It is an exciting time, bittersweet, but exciting. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us as a family, for our church family, for this area that we live in, for seekers, and for my daughter who has an opportunity in her young life that Bret and I never had as a young children!

LifePoint Church from LifePoint Church on Vimeo.


Bret said...

Very well said, great job babe, I love you!

Vanessa said...

Good post, Kristin! I saw you teary -eyed and wondered if you were okay! It was an amazing vote! In all our years at churches and on staff, I have NEVER seen or heard of a unanimous vote unless it was to close the business meeting! God is up to something!

patrick said...

Hey there Kristin! I was searching for something and your blog was one of the things that came up. I just read this post and I totally agree; Sheryl and I were very surprised, and relieved, especially when they said it was! I was telling Pat after he preached a couple of weeks ago that we have been wanting to get to the point where we could have a bigger impact as a church, but we just couldn't do it alone. The Lord's answer was 'LifePoint'....and God knew it all along. My wife and I are so glad to be a part of this and we're excited with you and Bret to be involved in whatever God's planning. I'm sure there will be lots of bumps and adjustments, but we can't wait to see what's next! Keep praying...

see you Sunday,

Patrick, Sheryl....and Sarah Mae : )

Kyle Goen said...

What an incredible post you have written. I am looking forward to serving with you. Our best days are ahead us as we all move together. Thanks for your leadership.

Anonymous said...

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Kristin Aune said...

Wow, there has been a lot of activity on here. Thanks for stopping by to read and for the comments, I am glad that my post meant something to some of you. Please post a comment and let me know you were here :)

bales said...

I just went back to read your entire post again after speaking with you tonight. Very well said, you have a wonderful way with words. Maybe I will see you Sunday! Have a great evening!

Brittney (Anna Kate's Mom)